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Burning a marshmallow on Ember Twin's campfire

Campfires are an essential yet practically unimportant aspect of Outer Wilds.

Campfires list[edit | edit source]

Marshmallows[edit | edit source]

It's possible to cook and eat marshmallows on a campfire. While this functionnality appears to have no usefulness, it helps to remember the player to relax and enjoy the game's ambiance.
In truth, campfire also have a purely gamplay purpose as eating cooked marshmallows restores HP depending on how well cooked they are, which is determined by a complex formula based on time and on how hot the marshmallow was. A burnt marshmallow does not restore any health. It is also possible to roast a marshmallow by waiting on the supernova. One Achievement requires to eat ten burnt marchmallows.
Eating marshmallows appears to be a central element of Hearthian culture and they go nowhere without a seemingly unlimited supply of marshmallows.

Sleeping[edit | edit source]