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Clary Corpse.png
The Interloper

Clary was the sister of Poke. She was a Nomai scientist who worked at the Black Hole Forge with Poke and Root. She was romantically partnered with Yarrow. Clary reports to Yarrow that her work on the Advanced Warp Core is complete, but Poke wants to continue work to strengthen it. She also made the warp cores to link the astral bodies in the solar system to the Ash Twin towers. Root assisted installing and tuning them, but he had difficulty understanding where to take them.

After the Sun Station failed to fire and the Ash Twin Project was put on indefinite hiatus, Clary, together with her sister Poke as well as Pye, embarked on the mission to explore the Interloper, which had entered the Solar System. Poke and Pye exit the shuttle after landing, while Clary stayed behind to prevent the shuttle from freezing.

Clary's remains can be seen inside the shuttle launched from Ember Twin where she was waiting.