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Brittle Hollow

Conoy was a Nomai scientist who worked in the Southern Observatory, along with Spire. He was born on Brittle Hollow long after the Vessel's crash on Dark Bramble, with his grandmother being one of the survivors.[1][2]

Always having held a great interested in the Eye of the Universe, he started working in the Southern Observatory to find the Eye.[1] At some point he visited Ramie and Pye at the High Energy Lab to see the new technology they were working on.[3] He asked them if it was possible to create a 22-minute negative interval.[4]

Some time after returning to the Southern Observatory, he wondered what the Nomai had learned in their search for the Eye of the universe and what should change.[5] He pointed out to Mallow and Cassava how launching a probe to find the Eye could work with the technology being developed at the High Energy Lab.[6] This eventually led to the construction of the Ash Twin Project.

Conoy helped lift the Orbital Probe Cannon's components into orbit together with Cassava and Daz when one of the components sank down beneath the current.[7] He and Spire made a model of the cyclones of Giant's Deep and figured out there are two different types of cyclone.[8]

He likely died somewhere in the Hanging City, as there are no skeletons in the Southern Observatory itself.

References[edit | edit source]

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