Dark Bramble

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Dark Bramble
Dark Bramble.png
Type Planetary Remnant (originally ice planet)
Gravity 0g (Interior) 0.4 (Exterior)
Inhabitants Feldspar, Anglerfish, Jellyfish (originally)
Location 5th planet

Dark Bramble is a large, confusing network of twisted vines and teleportation passages. It was once a planet but has long since been infected with huge vines which fractured and destroyed the planet from its core. It is the only planet to feature hostile wildlife in the form of anglerfish.

Exterior[edit | edit source]

The exterior of Dark Bramble is a wooden sphere that has grown and fractured apart a previously frozen planet. Remnants of its Icy crust remain and are held by thick vines. The interior can be accessed by entering the glowing teleporter at the core.

Interior[edit | edit source]

Map from u/EducatedTard on Reddit

Dark Bramble has eight interior zones. These zones can only be accessed by utilizing the teleportation nodes within Dark Bramble. When a player travels through a node, they will come out at a set speed and direction within the node, regardless of their inbound angle and speed. If they return through the node's entrance, they will find themselves back at the exterior.

Hub Node[edit | edit source]

The Hub Node is both the first chamber of Dark Bramble and the most connected one. It features one anglerfish which begins near the center of the chamber.

Dead End Node[edit | edit source]

The Dead End Node is a chamber that features no teleportation nodes other than the one used as an entrance. It features one anglerfish.

Escape Pod Node[edit | edit source]

The Escape Pod Node is the location of the lost Nomai Escape Pod. It features Escape Pod 3 as well as the final resting place of its travelers. This node contains two angler fish.

Feldspar's Camp Node[edit | edit source]

Feldspar's Camp Node can be found in a number of ways: from following the harmonica on the signal scope or by launching a probe through the seed on Timber Hearth and following the probe. Feldspar can be found here, taking shelter in an anglerfish skeleton. Their damaged ship can be found near a broken branch behind the skeleton and a path to the Frozen Jellyfish lies through the branch.

Feldspar's Maze Node[edit | edit source]

Feldspar's Maze Node can be found by following the harmonica signal. The bright light in the middle is a seed of Feldspar's Camp's chamber. Only two teleporters here correctly lead to it, the other six will lead to the Recursion Node.

Nest Node[edit | edit source]

The Nest is the largest and most dangerous node. The nodes leading into The Nest always glow a bright red, due to the red glow from the anglerfish eggs found at the center of the chamber. This chamber is guarded by four anglerfish (three of which are always at the entrance). This chamber has 4 teleportation nodes. 3 lead into the Recursion Node and one leads to the Vessel Node. The Vessel node is hidden among vines and glows noticeably dimmer than the rest.

Recursion Node[edit | edit source]

The Recursion Node is similar to the Dead End Node except it has one teleportation node that connects to itself. It can only be exited by leaving through the entrance. Flying into the lone teleportation node will produce an indefinite loop. It features one anglerfish.

Vessel Node[edit | edit source]

The Vessel Node features the final resting place of the Nomai's spaceship that brought them to the Solar System. It has no anglerfish.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Feldspar[edit | edit source]

Feldspar, the lost member of Outer Wilds Ventures, is located deep within Dark Bramble and can be found by either following their harmonica with the signalscope or launching a probe into the seed on Timber Hearth and following the scout's location.

Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

Located slightly further than Feldspar is the Frozen Jellyfish. Asking Feldspar how to reach the core of Giant's Deep will direct the player to the Frozen Jellyfish. The Frozen Jellyfish hints at how to access the core of Giant's Deep.

Escape Pod 3[edit | edit source]

While Escape Pods 1 and 2 successfully fled Dark Bramble, Escape Pod 3 was not as lucky and never managed to escape. Escape Pod 3 is found deep within Dark Bramble by using the Signalscope.

The Vessel[edit | edit source]

Located very deep within Dark Bramble is the origin point for the Nomai in the Solar System; their Vessel. The Vessel is an ancient Nomai spaceship that was damaged and evacuted shortly after the Nomai's arrival in the Solar System. It can be located by following the light trail from Escape Pod 3 to the Bramble Seed, shooting a probe through it, and following the probe's location.

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