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There are a few ways to get the credits to roll and end the game in The Outer Wilds, here are a few of them.

Endings[edit | edit source]

Death Before Time Loop[edit | edit source]

This is achieved by dying before your memories are recorded by the statue in the Observatory. You can jump in the fire, fall off a cliff, walk into the ghost field, or jump in the geyser in the center because the player character can't swim.

Breaking Spacetime[edit | edit source]

In the High Energy Lab on Ember Twin you can remove the black hole from the white and black hole experiment after the scout launcher fires a probe through the white hole. Once two probes exist in the room black shattering effects cover the screen, the message "You broke the fabric of space-time" and the credits play with the song "A Terrible Fate" plays-a kazoo cover of the main theme.

Disabling the Ash Twin Project[edit | edit source]

The Advanced Warp Core can be removed from the core of Ash Twin, disabling the Ash Twin Project. This will prevent the player's memories from being sent back in time 22 minutes upon death, causing permanent death if the player is killed while the Ash Twin Project is disabled.

While this death is intended to be permanent, the player can resume their save from the main menu.

Drifting Through Space[edit | edit source]

Removing the Advanced Warp Core from the Ash Twin Project, then flying outside the reach of the supernova. The screen will fade to black, stating that the player will drift through space until their ship's resources are depleted.

Quantum Moon Ending[edit | edit source]

Removing the Advanced Warp Core from the Ash Twin Project, then flying to the Quantum Moon and waiting at the sixth location until the supernova. The screen will fade to black, stating that your journey has reached its end.

Intended Ending[edit | edit source]

By getting and installing the Advanced Warp Core from the Ash Twin Project to The Vessel in Dark Bramble, powering the terminal and entering the Coordinates from the Probe Tracking Module. You must then slide the control up, teleporting you to The Eye of the Universe, once there the supernova will not reach you. Exit the vessel by sliding the power control around to the opposite side to open a black hole warp to outside the ship. Continue on the planet to the opposite pole and climb up the "crater" wall where the Quantum Moon originated from to fall into the vortex, fall down through the quantum abyss and keep going forward until you reach ground. You will have to do a few quantum tasks without the scout launcher to make a campfire, find each of the travelers with signalscope, Feldspar, Gabbro, Riebeck, Esker, Chert, and Solanum if you found her on the Quantum Moon. After finding all of the travelers that are available, talking with them will start them playing their instruments, a blue ball forms in the campfire's smoke, entering it will start the credits with a post-credit image afterward.