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Dark Bramble
Vicinity of Escape Pod 3

Escall was the leader of his Nomai clan (referred to as Escall's Clan) and the captain of their Vessel. Escall and other high-ranking Nomai, including Filix and Annona, were present on the bridge of their Vessel when a signal was detected that was originating from a source that appeared to be older than the Universe. Shocked by such a momentous discovery and its implications on the Nomai's understanding of the Universe, the Nomai leadership rushed to prepare the ship for an immediate warp to the signal's location. Filix wished to delay the warp so they could leave a message for the other Nomai clans, but Escall overruled her, arguing speed was paramount as they had never had this opportunity before and they feared the signal would soon cease. Ordering Annona to activate the warp-core, the Vessel warped into the Solar System.

For reasons unknown, Escall's Vessel exited warp not at the source of the signal, but deep within Dark Bramble. Their Vessel immediately suffered critical damage to all major system as the twisted vines of Dark Bramble damaged and fused with the ship. With the hull breached, several casualties, the warp-core destroyed, and communications disabled, it was clear the ship was mortally wounded and had to be evacuated. A panicked evacuation ensued, with only three lifeboats successfully launching.

Escall, Secca, Din and several other Nomai escaped on Escape Pod 3. Unlike Escape Pods 1 and 2 which successfully fled Dark Bramble, their Escape Pod became lost within Dark Bramble and crashed. The Nomai took shelter at the crash site temporarily, however the persistent Anglerfish attacks and dwindling supplies forced the Nomai to make the difficult decision to attempt to return to the Vessel and await rescue. The confusing layout and space-time warping capabilities of Dark Bramble masked the signal of their Vessel and made it appear to be coming from multiple places simultaneously. The Nomai, now running extremely low on supplies, only had enough oxygen to search the closest source of the signal. They discovered the source to be one of many "seeds" that Dark Bramble uses to distort signals and that the real Vessel was much farther away.

With no hope of reaching their Vessel before supplies ran out, the surviving Nomai gathered together and left a recording for any future Nomai who would discover their fate. The crew of Escape Pod 3, including Escall, perished one by one as their suits lost life-support functionality.

Hundreds of Thousands of years later, the story of Escall and his Vessel had passed into myth among the remaining Nomai clans. Escall's decision not to leave a message for the other Nomai clans prior to his Vessel's abrupt warp and subsequent crash caused the ship's disappearance to be categorized as an unsolved mystery to the Nomai clans, as no Vessel had ever disappeared in such a fashion before.