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Dark Bramble
Escape Pod 3 vicinity

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Escall was the leader the Nomai clan who came to the Solar System and captain of their home Vessel. Escall and other high-ranking Nomai, including Filix and Annona, were present on the bridge when a signal older than the universe itself was detected, later named the Eye of the Universe. Shocked by such a momentous event and its implications, the Nomai leadership rushed to prep the ship for warp to the signal's location. Filix wanted to delay the jump so they could message the other Nomai clans scattered throughout the universe, but Escall overruled her, arguing speed was paramount as never before and probably never again would they have this opportunity, ordering Annona to initiate the warp-core immediately.

For reasons unknown, Escall's Vessel exited warp not at the Eye, but within Dark Bramble, suffering critical damage as it fused with the tangle of warped spacetime vines. With the hull breached, the warp-core destroyed, and communications disabled it was clear the ship was mortally wounded. A panicked evacuation ensued, with only three lifeboats successfully launched.

However, Escape Pod 3, carrying Escall along with Secca, Din, and several other survivors, became trapped within Dark Bramble. Running out of air and power, Escall made the call to retreat back to the Vessel to either attempt repairs or await rescue. Sadly, the warped space of Dark Bramble duplicated the dying signals of the Vessel and they perished within view of their ruined home, unable to reach it.