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Gabbro's Island

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Gabbro's Island
Gabbro's island.png
Type Island
Gravity 2
Inhabitants Gabbro
Location Giant's Deep

Gabbro's Island is mostly notable for being the location Gabbro has set up their camp.



Gabbro's Island is recognizable from the campfire smoke trailing above it. It contains a small amount of Ghost Matter in a cave. Gabbro's camp is located higher on the island; the path of the camp is around the back side from where the apparent landing area is. The camp has oxygen, fuel refill, and a campfire. The island can be thrown into the atmosphere if a tornado passes overhead.


  • Gabbro is lounging in a hammock near the island's shore.
  • Gabbro found a Nomai statue on another island. The statue's eyes started glowing and Gabbro saw their memories flash before their eyes.
  • Gabbro remembers dying starting on the second cycle during game play. They saw their memories flash before their eyes, just like the time with the statue.
  • Gabbro and the player seem to be the only ones aware that they are in a time loop.