Giant's Deep

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Giant's Deep
Giant's Deep.png
Type Gas Giant Planet
Gravity 2-3
Inhabitants Gabbro, Jellyfish (foreign species)
Location 4th planet

Giant's Deep is a gas-giant-like planet made of increasingly dense fluid layers, with five small islands on the surface. There are tornadoes on the surface of the water. The planet has a coral core surrounded by very dense fluid.

Description[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

The planet is the largest and heaviest in the solar system and features a gaseous green outer shell which cannot be seen through, but can be flown through with ease. The Orbital Probe Cannon orbits the planet's equator and fires in a random direction at the beginning of every loop. Occasionally islands will pass through the atmosphere and go above the Orbital Probe Cannon before falling back to the surface.

"Surface"[edit | edit source]

The planet itself has an oceanic surface with a gravity of 2.0x, five islands, and at most 11 cyclones circling around the planet These cyclones hurl anything in their path into space (excluding the counter clockwise cyclone and the large one at the North Pole), including entire islands. Most islands aren't fixed features but float around the planet on their latitude. They are occasionally thrown above the planet, before falling back into water and getting half submerged by the fall energy. To reduce risk of injury, the Nomai built tornado shelters. These create a cylinder of artificial gravity, oxygen, and silence when a tornado sends its respective island up into space. These shelters shut off once the island has reached the water of Giant's Deep once again. It is possible to go underwater but not very deep, as a powerful water current prevents descent to the Ocean Depths.
At the North Pole is a giant stationary tornado, which hides the island of the Tower of Quantum Trials. Normal tornadoes start in a cluster at the South Pole, before adventuring all over the surface following unknown patterns. Those tornadoes are dangerous and extremely loud, but they're also described as "hypnotizing" by Gabbro. One of the tornadoes rotates counter-clockwise and pushes down instead of up, allowing passage through the deep water current into the Ocean Depths.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Ocean Depths[edit | edit source]

The Ocean Depths are the section of the planet's ocean between the current and the planet's core. Jellyfish, a giant species of medusae which are immune to electricity, travel vertically in and out of the core. A powerful electricity barrier prevents the player from reaching the planet's core. It is possible to hide in a Jellyfish to go through the barrier, as a Jellyfish's body insulates all electricity.
Instead of using the counter-clockwise tornado, it is possible to force your way into the Ocean Depths by flying the ship at more than one kilometer per second towards the center of the planet. Doing so will grant an Achievement.

The Planet's Core[edit | edit source]

The planet's core is very dark, only lit by electricity and jellyfish. The ship will be slowed to 5 m/s top speed by the dense water. The core Center is a giant coral that forms the core of the planet. The probe tracking module is found in one of the coral branches after it sank there at the start of the loop.

The Orbital Probe Cannon components, which fell into the core while building the cannon, can be found near the backside of the probe tracking module.

Flora & Fauna[edit | edit source]

There is one species of enormous jellyfish living in the planet. They are significantly bigger than the ship and will damage the ship's electrical systems and/or suit's HUD when collided. These are the only animals present. It is unknown how they feed or reproduce.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Instead of using an anti-clockwise tornado, a player can also slam their ship into Giant's Deep with such incredible speed that they can penetrate through the dense upper layer of liquid that the islands/tornadoes reside on. This can only be done with no less than a minimum flight-speed of about 10000m/s, and requires the player to go so far away from the planet to get the running start that the planet will actually un-render entirely. This however can prove fatal and more dangerous than using the counter-clockwise tornado, as there is a small chance the player might actually land on an island instead of the water upon entering Giant's Deep. At this speed it will obliterate their ship immediately, ending their session.
  • Gabbro's ship can also be found floating in the ocean
  • It is possible to make your ship pass through the electric barrier by positioning it under a jellyfish

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