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Timber Hearth

Marl is a tree keeper for the village. They seem to hold a nasty grudge against the tallest tree in the village - having fallen off of it in their youth.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Initial Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • So it's launch day, huh? Hal's going to miss you.
    Speaking of launch day... I was thinking about it, and the platform those ships launch from is getting old. Isn't about time you built a new, less flammable one?
    That big tree in the village would be the perfect choice. I wouldn't mind helping out the space program. Just say the word!
    • The current launch pad is fine, thanks.
      • Oh. Really? Dang.
        Well, maybe someone needs a new porch or something. A big one.
    • Nice try. We all know you have it out for that tree.
      • What? No, I just think it's in the way and someone ought to chop it down, you know? Specifically, me.
        ...Haha, you think this has to do with the time I fell out of it and broke my arm? That was when we were hatchlings! Who would hold a grudge for that long?
    • The launch pad is FLAMMABLE?!
      • Ha! You didn't realize that?
        Don't worry, it's held up for all the launches so far. It'll definitely be fine for yours. Probably.

Followup Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • ...That tree has got it coming.