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Nomai were a nomadic race which which entered the Hearthian star system following a mysterious signal. The Vessel was caught in Dark Bramble, two Escape Pods made it out and landed on Ember Twin and Brittle Hollow where they built settlements. Their artifacts and structures can be found on almost all the planets in the solar system. What little is known about them can be found in the Observatory. Their species were physically distinct from the Hearthians in that they were covered with fur and only possessed three eyes compared to the Hearthian four eyes. They are also possessed of an intense scientific curiosity. Most Nomai seem to have names based off of plant species.

The Nomai race consisted of multiple clans. Each clan lived in a Nomai Vessel, a spaceship outfitted with a Warp Core that allowed the clan to explore the universe.

Every ten years, all the Nomai clans would meet at a festival, which could last long. Each clan sent an envoy to tell about the clan's discoveries since the last festival.

Known Nomai[edit | edit source]

Crucial to the Ash Twin Project[edit | edit source]

  • Avens - Orbital Probe Cannon
  • Cassava - Orbital Probe Cannon
  • Clary - Black Hole Forge
  • Daz - Nomai Memory Statues
  • Idaea - Sun Station
  • Mallow - Orbital Probe Cannon
  • Oeno - Ash Twin Project Shell
  • Phlox - Nomai Memory Statues
  • Privet - Orbital Probe Cannon
  • Pye - High Energy Lab + Sun Station
  • Ramie - High Energy Lab + Ash Twin Project Core
  • Yarrow - Ash Twin Project Core

Non-Crucial to the Ash Twin Project[edit | edit source]