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Nomai Statue

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"Nomai Statue"

Mysterious statue heads of a race long gone, incredibly well-preserved. Ancient Statue (alpha)

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Features[edit | edit source]

The Nomai Memory Statue busts were created by Phlox. The Nomai Masks were created by Daz. Phlox also designed the statues to only pair once the Ash Twin Project succeeds or fails. This is to prevent the paired subject from living a "hard to endure existence" and for the Nomai to realize the statues need fixing.

The Statues have three eyes, horns that curve along the head, woolly fur, and a necklace. Once open, the eyes appear golden or glowing with violet light.

The eight Nomai Masks that are paired to the statues are inside of the Ash Twin Project core. Three of the masks are currently storing memories, (the player, Gabbro, and Probe Tracking Module), one is removed (Presumably Daz's), and 4 empty.

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