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Orbital Probe Cannon

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Orbital Probe Cannon
Type Satellite
Gravity 0
Inhabitants None
Location Giant's Deep orbit

The Orbital Probe Cannon fires at the beginning of every cycle in a random direction and breaks apart, but still remains in orbit around Giant's Deep.

Description[edit | edit source]

Features[edit | edit source]

The Orbital Probe Cannon launches in a random direction at the start of every loop to find the Eye of the Universe orbiting the system. The probe information is recorded and sent to the Ash Twin Project. Because of the time-loop the cannon is able to repeat the probe launch millions of times. Due to Mallo's "excitement", they set the energy level of the gravity cannon higher than the already lowered recommended settings in hopes to find the Eye quicker; this causes the satellite to break apart. The cannon features a landing pad that you are able to lock onto and three modules to enter.

Due to the similarities in structural design and method of launch, it can be surmised that the Gravity Cannons served as precursors to the Orbital Probe Cannon's technology.

Eye of the Universe Probe[edit | edit source]

the Eye of the Universe probe seen from up close

The probe is seen being launched at the start of each time loop. It is possible the catch up to it with a very long burn in the spaceship.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Control Module[edit | edit source]

The Control Module is the only section relatively undamaged and has unbroken connection to the station's center. Information about Mallow's override for additional power to gain additional speed for the probe and the random firing direction are found here.

Launch Module[edit | edit source]

The Launch Module is accessed from the broken window at the far end of the room. Details of overloading power to the cannon and only needing to be fired once are expanded upon here.

Probe Tracking Module[edit | edit source]

The Probe Tracking Module was damaged during the firing of the cannon. The mechanism for displaying the coordinates were broken and must be found somewhere else.

A second Probe Tracking Module still functions within Giant's Deep's core after falling deep into the core of Giant's Deep following its construction. A tornado was supposed to be used to lift it into space, but instead it was sent down to the core. You can reach the core in much the same way by flying into the one counter-clockwise tornado to get through the current and riding in a Jellyfish to get past the electric barrier. Probe launch 9,318,054 finds readings matching The Eye of the Universe. Its data is being sent to the Ash Twin Project by the statue in the room and stored in one of the masks.

Nomai Presence[edit | edit source]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Getting the coordinates is not necessary for the ending; they will stay the same.
  • As exactly 9,318,054 probe launches were attempted before finding The Eye, and each loop lasts 22 minutes, this means that the Hearthians (and the universe) were in a time loop for just over 390 years before the Nomai Statue activates and the Player becomes aware of the loop.

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