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The goal of this Dialogue Manual is to share the established practice to transcript dialogues and have all dialogue on the Outer Wilds wiki follow the same standard formatting. The standard isn't set in stone and discussion of it will result in a better final result.

Sources[edit source]

All the text files in the game have been datamined and are availaible at link :
It is advised to take those files and remove the xml formatting to replace it by the correct wiki formatting in a text editor using find and replace methods as axtracting all the text either through copypasting or rewriting it takes a lot more time and work.

File structure[edit source]

The dialogs of each character are available in a .txt named after the character. If they have multiple states with different dialog (for example Hal inside the museum and Hal outside the museum), there will be multiple files (in this example Hal_Museum.txt and Hal_Outside.txt). The ship logs (facts and rumors) are in files named after the planet or body they’re found on (for example the logs about the Ash Twin Project are all in TowerTwin.txt) Nomai and other in game texts are named [abbreviation of the place name]_[description], notes are named [writer]_[description] and some objects (specially those in the musseum are just after their description.

Abbreviation Common name
SS Sun Station
TT Tower Twin (Ash Twin)
CT Cave Twin (Ember Twin)
TH Timber Heart
THM Timber Heart Moon (the Attlerock)
BH Brittle Hollow
BHM Brittle Hollow (Hollow's Lantern)
GD Giant’s Deep
OPB Orbital Probe Cannon
DB Dark Bramble
C Comet (the Interloper)
QM Quantum Moon

Dialogue structure formatting[edit source]

Text formatting[edit source]

  • “NPC talking
    NPC talking on multiple pages”
    • >Player choice
      • “NPC response”
    • >(condition to unlock choice) second choice

Menu Example[edit source]

  • “first menu sentence”
    • >Player choice
    • >Player choice in italics
      • “NPC response in big
    • >Player choice in italics
      • “NPC response in small