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Giant's Deep
Statue Workshop

Phlox was a Nomai scientist and craftsman who created the Nomai Memory Statues which were crucial to the Ash Twin Project. Phlox's work partner is Daz, they created the Nomai Masks to store the memories from the statues. Before testing the statues, Phlox said they could be dangerous and sealed the Statue Workshop so others would not get involved. Phlox also designed the statues to only pair once the Ash Twin Project succeeds or fails. This is to prevent the paired subject from living a "hard to endure existence" and for the Nomai to realize the statues need fixing. Phlox ponders if the memories were sent back in time if it would be like the being were sent back in time, Daz and Cassava essentially say no but the effect would be similar.

Phlox additionally designed the architecture for the Warp Towers on Ash Twin.

Phlox's remains can be found in the Statue Workshop on Giant's Deep.