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Brittle Hollow

Plume was a Nomai originally from the Vessel who landed on Brittle Hollow with Escape Pod 1.[1] He was the father of Phlox, the sculptor of the Memory Statues used for the Ash Twin Project.[2] Plume's brother was among the Nomai who were not on board any of the escape pods.[3] Plume was also looking for a Nomai named Keek who was either missing or dead.[4]

After exiting the escape pod, Plume proposed building a temporary settlement below the surface of the planet to seek shelter from Hollow's Lantern.[5] He recorded his knowledge of the Eye signal here and wondered whether there was already something wrong with the Vessel before it warped.[6][7] Plume came up with the idea to build a new, permanent settlement at the northern glacier since he believed that they had to thrive in order to find the Eye's signal.[8][9] He observed the quantum phenomena on Brittle Hollow including the Quantum Moon, which he believed to be the source of the Tower Shard at the Tower of Quantum Knowledge.[10][11]

When it became clear that a more sophisticated Eye signal locator was needed than the one at the Attlerock, Plume became responsible for building the Southern Observatory at Brittle Hollow.[12] At the Southern Observatory, he discussed the Eye of the Universe with several other Nomai and explained how he believed that the Eye's signal called out to summon the Nomai of the Vessel to the star system.[13]

Unlike his son, Plume was not involved in the Ash Twin Project himself.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. THATCH: Is everyone unharmed? PLUME: No one was badly injured from the escape pod’s impact. We’re incredibly fortunate.
  2. PHLOX: This would require a return to Dark Bramble. Plume (my father) said many good Nomai perished there.
  3. PLUME: My brother wasn’t in Escape Pod 1 with us. Was he in Pod 2, or Pod 3? Was he able to board an escape pod at all?
  4. PLUME: The pain of your absence is sharp and haunting, and I would give anything not to know it; anything but never knowing you at all (which would be worse). PLUME: I can only hope that you are safe, Keek, wherever you are.
  5. PLUME: I observed several promising sites below the surface, but we’ll need to construct a way for everyone to climb safely down this cliff. Perhaps we could build platforms?
  6. PLUME: No Nomai clan has ever encountered anything like it! How can anything in this universe be older than the universe itself?
  7. PLUME: Was the Vessel unwell in some way?
  8. PLUME: Given concerns about our settlement’s stability, where should we construct a new, less temporary shelter? PLUME: I believe we should migrate to the northern glacier.
  9. FILIX: I don’t believe anyone is coming to save us, Thatch. Now we must save ourselves. PLUME: I agree. We’re here because the Eye’s signal called to us and we followed. If we’re to find it, we need to not merely survive, but thrive.
  10. PLUME: I’m interested in your playful moon. Is it much like its violent friend (Hollow’s Lantern)?
  11. PLUME: Hypothesis: This “quantum shard” is from the wandering (quantum) moon. Perhaps it is even a small piece of the moon itself.
  12. PLUME: The southern glacier on Brittle Hollow has ample available space. I could construct a new building to house this proposed locator. FILIX: Yes, let’s build there! I imagine our young friend Conoy would enjoy that immensely. He’s always held a great interest in the Eye, especially for a child born so long after the crash. PLUME: I will begin construction on Brittle Hollow’s south pole immediately, then!
  13. PLUME: Cassava, how can you suggest that? The Eye’s signal called out to summon us to this star system!