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Poke Corpse.png
Brittle Hollow
The Interloper

Poke was the sister of Clary. She was apprentice of Annona, and eventually became caretaker of the Black Hole Forge with Clary where she produced Warp Cores. Poke was the first Nomai to notice the discrepant readings from the White Hole Station, leading to the experiments at the High Energy Lab.

When the Ash Twin Project was planned, and the need for an Advanced Warp Core arose, Poke was initially unsure she would be able to make one without Annona's original design; at this point, her mentor was apparently dead. She succeeded with the help of her crew.

After the Sun Station failed to fire and the Ash Twin Project was put on indefinite hiatus, Poke, together with Clary and Pye, embarked on the mission to explore the Interloper, which had entered the Solar System. She and Pye exited the shuttle after landing, while Clary stayed behind to prevent the shuttle from freezing.

When the two Nomai ventured inside the core of the Interloper and found a rock filled with pressurized ghost matter, they realized it could burst when the Interloper came close to the Sun, which would blanket the Solar System in the deadly matter. Pye stayed behind to learn as much as possible, and urged Poke to escape to warn the rest of the Nomai of the danger. Immediately after, however, the core apparently ruptured.

Poke's corpse can be found just outside the core chamber.