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Timber Hearth

Porphy is found in the village and works on making sap wine for the village.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Initial Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Heyo, hatchling!
    I hear you're leaving us to seek adventure amongst the stars. When you return, let's you, me, and Gossan open up a bottle of the Good Stuff.
    • I'm only seeking adventure amongst one star, actually. Other stars are too far away.
      • Another metaphor ruined in the same of scientific accuracy.
        Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy your travels. Good luck!
    • The Good Stuff is less "delicious sap wine" and more "daunting digestive challenge."

Followup Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Ho, the astronaut returns!
    Tell me, what I can do for you?
    • Any new dirt?
      • I'm hoping to teach Esker to tap trees next time they return from the Attlerock. If they'll bring me lunar sap, I can attempt moon wine!
    • What are you up to?
      • I've just finished sealing up another batch of sap wine for aging. I like to begin aging a batch on the day of a significant occasion, you know!
        That's why there are so many bottles labeled "structural collapse" and "house fire."
    • I'm good, actually.
      • Enjoy your travels!