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Quantum Moon

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Quantum Moon
Quantum moon.png
Type Moon
Inhabitants Solanum
Location Each Planet

The Quantum Moon is a planetary object in a state of constant quantum superposition. It exists in orbit around each of the six large astral bodies at once until it is observed by a conscious observer.

Details[edit | edit source]

Features[edit | edit source]

The Quantum Moon phases between positions in the solar system when not being observed. It can exist in orbit around the Hourglass Twins, Timber Hearth, Brittle Hollow, Giant's Deep, the outside of Dark Bramble, and a Sixth Location is alluded to by in-game text.

Once landed on the moon from knowledge from the Tower of Quantum Trials by taking a photo of it before entering the atmosphere, the Quantum Moon surface will look different based on the planet it orbits. You will always land on the south pole, there will be a dead Solanum, her Shuttle, and a Quantum Shrine in the area.

To get to the Sixth Location as mentioned by the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, you need to use the knowledge gained from the The Quantum Entanglement Shard by entering the Shrine and making the moon travel to another location by closing the door and turning off all lights in the shrine before turning them back on, though the use of the flashlight is acceptable and easier. As seen from the locator, the moon has moved to a different location. There you can make your way to the north pole as The Tower of Quantum Knowledge states. This process involves leaving the shrine and going through multiple shrines at different positions. (This can most easily be done by entering the Shrine near the North Pole on the Dark Bramble variant, transferring to the Timber Hearth variant, and approaching the North Pole from there.) Once at the Sixth Location, there will be a pathway all the way to the south pole to Solanum and a vortex that will bring you to the Timber Hearth variant.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to remove the fog effects while on the moon by boosting into the cloud layer and back down again, at least on the Hourglass Twins variant
  • The Quantum Moon is in fact the Moon of the Sixth Location, but due to the nature of said location, the Quantum Moon shares the quantum effects of it, which is why it can be seen orbiting each of the five main planets of the solar system.
  • It is impossible to use the Moon at the Sixth Location to reach the Sixth Location early. Attempting to do so will either fail due to the atmosphere blocking your progress, or you will go through the vortex back to the Timber Hearth variation of the Quantum Moon.