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Quantum Tower

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Quantum Tower
Quantum tower.png
Type Island
Gravity 2
Inhabitants None
Location Giant's Deep

The Tower of Quantum Trials is a stationary Island on Giant's Deep housing one of the three Quantum Shards

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Features[edit | edit source]

Tuning into the quantum frequency on the Signalscope will lead to the island in the center of the tornado at the north pole and can be reached by going over the wall of the cyclone, passing over the cloud layer. The Quantum Tower has a gravity pad at its base for easy landing. It contains trials that involve taking photos with the scout launcher to quantumly "lock" a quantum feature in place and breaking line of sight for quantum objects to move. You may take pictures of multiple items or single item to keep them in place, this lesson is "Quantum Imaging". The Island Shard appears multiple times in the tower.

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