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The Solar System, also referred to as the Hearthian Solar System comprises almost all of the locations in the game. The player can journey to any of these from their first expedition into space, although understanding the mysteries they hold and unlocking the secrets that lead to the end will take the player on a deep exploration of each location.

At the center of the solar system is the Sun - a yellow or red dwarf star - orbited by five planets and numerous other astronomical bodies. From the beginning of a cycle, the player has 22 minutes before the Sun goes supernova and destroys the Solar System.

The Sun[edit | edit source]

The Sun is a main sequence star that lies at the center of the Solar System and which all other astronomical bodies orbit. As time progresses, the star grows to become a Red Giant before eventually collapsing under its own gravity and exploding in a violent Supernova.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Hourglass Twins[edit | edit source]

The Hourglass Twins are two planets in a binary orbit with each other. Ash Twin is a barren sand planet and Ember Twin is a desert planet with an expansive cave system. As time progresses, Ash Twin transfers sand to Ember Twin. This causes the ancient Nomai architecture buried in Ash Twin to be revealed while Ember Twin’s cave network slowly fills with sand.

Timber Hearth[edit | edit source]

A lush forest planet and home planet of the Hearthians. It features expansive grass plains and a large network of submerged caverns. There are also numerous large craters and tall mountains scattered across the surface. Timber Hearth is where the player begins their journey at the beginning of every loop.

Brittle Hollow[edit | edit source]

Brittle Hollow is a hollow rocky planet with a black hole at the core. As time progresses, large chunks of the planet break off and fall through the black hole.

Giant’s Deep[edit | edit source]

Giant's Deep is a large aquatic planet with strong gravity, swilling tornadoes and a strong upwards water current. It has several islands that freely drift across the planet and are occasionally thrown suborbital trajectories by tornadoes. It has an incredibly strong hurricane circling the North Pole.

Dark Bramble[edit | edit source]

Dark Bramble was originally a frozen planet before being infected with dark and twisted vines that tore the planet apart. It is a confusing network of twisted vines, foggy rooms and a teleportation network that warps space and time. It is the only place in the Solar System where hostile Anglerfish can be found.

Other Astronomical Bodies[edit | edit source]

The Attlerock[edit | edit source]

The Attlerock is the only moon of Timber Hearth. It features a large impact crater on its far side, Esker whistling by his campfire, and a Nomai Eye signal locator.

Hollow’s Lantern[edit | edit source]

Hollow’s Lantern is the volcanic moon of Brittle Hollow. It’s four volcanoes shoot out chunks of lava which hurtle toward Brittle Hollow and destroy pieces of the planet. It’s entire surface is covered in magma that slowly depletes as the volcanoes spit it out.

The Interloper[edit | edit source]

The Interloper is a mysterious extra-solar comet and the newest addition to the Solar System. It was captured by the Sun during the time of the Nomai civilization and orbits in a highly elliptical orbit with a perihelion lower than the Hourglass Twins orbit and an aphelion further out than the White Hole Station.

The Quantum Moon[edit | edit source]

The Quantum Moon is a mysterious moon with macro quantum properties, which means it's in orbit of each of the planets in the solar system at the same time and only collapses into one precise orbit when being observed. Its surface is also quantum and changes depending on which body is being orbited. Going to the moon necessitates knowledge of the Quantum Rules and was considered a pilgrimage for the Nomai.

Eye of the Universe[edit | edit source]

The Eye of the Universe is an extremely old planetary object in a distant orbit around the Sun.

Artificial satellites[edit | edit source]

Sun Station[edit | edit source]

The Sun Station is a space station created by the Nomai in a very low heliocentric orbit. The station is tidally locked to the sun and is not supposed to be accessible by ship travel. As the Sun becomes a red giant the station is absorbed and destroyed by the growing outer layer.

Orbital Probe Cannon[edit | edit source]

The Orbital Probe Cannon is artificial satellite built in orbit of Giant's Deep by the Nomai in order to search for the Eye of the Universe. At the beginning of every loop it can be seen overhead launching a probe before immediately exploding. The fragments of the Orbital Probe Cannon continue to orbit Giant's Deep

White Hole Station[edit | edit source]

The White Hole Station is a space station built by the Nomai on the outskirts of the Solar System. It lies beside the white hole that connects to the black hole at the center of Brittle Hollow. It was built so that Nomai who fell through the Black Hole could utilize the teleportation network on board the White Hole Station to return to Brittle Hollow safely.