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Southern Observatory

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The Southern Observatory[edit | edit source]

The Southern Observatory is home to two key pieces of the story of Outer Wilds, one of these is the second Eye Signal Locator, and the other is the Giant's Deep Cyclone Model. Both of these are important to learning how to reach the Eye of the Universe.

Eye Signal Locator[edit | edit source]

Another, more sophisticated version of the Eye Signal Locator you found on the Attlerock is found within the Southern Observatory, this locator has more locations, but is still unable to find the source of the signal. You will find here that the Nomai then resort to a new tactic, where instead of trying to locate the signal, they try to find the eye visually, and continually fire probes in every direction until they find the eye, this is the catalyst for the Ash Twin Project.

Giant's Deep Cyclone Model[edit | edit source]

This model was created by the Nomai to find out why one of the pieces of the Orbital Probe Cannon was able to sink below the current of Giant's Deep, The model reveals there are two types of cyclone, one which shoots things up and out of the atmosphere, and another that shoots things down below the current. This is one of two key pieces of information needed to access the Probe Launcher Module which resides at the core of Giant's Deep,