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Brittle Hollow

Spire was a Nomai scientist who worked in the Southern Observatory, along with Conoy.

Spire was responsible for building the model of Giant's Deep which allowed them to determine the difference between the two types of cyclones there.[1] When Cassava questioned the need to make a full model for this, Spire defended themself by saying that it should prove useful for further study but admitted that they very much wanted to make a model.[2] They were the one to notice the Interloper approach the solar system.[3]

They likely died somewhere in the Hanging City, as there are no skeletons in the Southern Observatory itself.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. CONOY: Spire and I are crafting a model to determine why this happened. SPIRE: An update: It’s now clear there are two different types of cyclone.
  2. SPIRE: The model will be useful as we continue monitoring Giant’s Deep. SPIRE: Also I very much wanted to make a model.
  3. YARROW: Return to Ash Twin first, my friend. Perhaps a change of task would help: Spire noticed a comet approaching this star system that we’d like to investigate.