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Template:Flex icon links/start

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This template starts a group of flex icon links, which are arranged in a row that automatically wraps if there is insufficient width to display them all. {{Flex icon link}} is used to create the individual links, and {{Flex icon links/end}} is used to close the group.


{{Flex icon links/start|class=|iconsize=|linksize=|customiconsize=|customlinksize=}}


  • class can be set to CSS classes to be added to the group of links. horizontal can be used to place the icons on the left of the text links rather than above them.
  • iconsize can be set to any of the standard sizes: 24, 64, 96, 128, 192, and 256. These specify the maximum width and height of the icon in pixels and the minimum width of the overall link. The default is 128.
  • linksize can be set to any of the standard sizes: 24, 64, 96, 128, 192, and 256. These specify the overall link width in pixels assuming the default font size of the browser has not been adjusted; otherwise, it will increase with larger font sizes. Note that specifying a size smaller than iconsize will not have any effect. The default is also 128.
  • customiconsize is optional and defines a specific size for the icons. It is either a single number of pixels defining both height and width, as in 128, or the width and height separated by an "x", as in 128x64.
  • customlinksize is optional and deines the overall width to be provided for both icon and text. It is a CSS value and can specified in many units, such as 64px, 8rem, etc.