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The Vessel

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The Lost Nomai Vessel trapped in the vine in Dark Bramble.

The Vessel is a Nomai ship that crashed into Dark Bramble while traveling from a different solar system in pursuit of The Eye of the Universe. Information on The Vessel can be found throughout the universe in Nomai ruins and in Escape Pods. The inhabitants of Escape Pod three attempted to reach The Vessel before it's signal went out.

The Closer Signal[edit | edit source]

The Nomai graveyard around the seed that emitted the false signal.

After the crashing of Escape Pod 3 the Nomai found that the signal from the vessel was fading. Unsure of the fate of the other pods they decided the best hope for surviving was trying to find their ship. However when the scanned the mists of Dark Bramble they found more than one. They only had enough time to get to the closest one, and when they did they were disappointed.

The Vessel[edit | edit source]

Beyond a red seed at the back of the chamber you will find the vessel in all its glory. While it isn't functional and is strangled by the vines of Dark Bramble there is still mysteries to unravel here. Here you can find two walls that tell two stories separated by time. In the very center of the room you'll find a broken warp core. The vessel is important for the intended Ending of the game.

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