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Timber Hearth

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Timber Hearth
Timberhearth 1.png
Type Planet
Gravity 1.0
Inhabitants 16 Hearthians
Location 2nd planet

Timber Hearth is the home planet of the Hearthians and where the player begins their journey. It has an mainly rocky composition accented with forests, ridges, and waterfalls. The terrain has little variation out of plains and large craters, one of which forms the area of the village.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Caves of Civilization[edit | edit source]

Nomai Drawing.jpg
Underwater Cave Network.png

Accessible from any almost any geyser on Timber Hearth this inter-connecting network of underwater caves represents where the Hearthians began as a species. It also explains how the Hearthians escaped from the solar system being flooded with Ghost Matter. The Nomai text that the player can find shows how filled with curiosity the Nomai were when they discovered them. Even demonstrating how much the Nomai cared by making sure that their mining did not disrupt their way of life.

One of the caves below the Village shows an area littered with trash, air canisters, fish, and flasks labeled with Outer Wild Ventures. It is unclear how the members of this social gathering indulged in the flasks considering they most likely wore space suits during the gathering. This is further backed up, as the geyser will kill you if it shoots you up without a way to slow your fall.

Outside of this, the caves have little to offer in information. However, the player can use it as a quick form of transportation to traverse Timber Hearth.

Geyser Mountains[edit | edit source]

There are four small Geyser mountains and one large Geyser mountain, the four smaller mountains serve as a way to enter the underground water current underneath Timber Hearth's crust. The largest Geyser mountain serves as the entrance to the Nomai Ruins of Mining Site 2b, and is most likely the player's first encounter with Nomai Architecture (including gravity lifts!)

Nomai Ruins[edit | edit source]

Ash Twin Tower Receiver[edit | edit source]

The Ash Twin Tower receiver is intended to be the first warp receiver the player finds, though the function is not supposed to be revealed until you visit Brittle Hollow and consequently the White Hole Station. The Nomai used the warp receiver to transfer ore from Timber Hearth to the Ash Twin Project with ease.

Mining Site 2b[edit | edit source]

Mining Site 2b is the first significant site of Nomai Architecture in the game, and is where the Nomai had to move the mining site to after discovering Mining Site 2a was home to "4-eyed semi-aquatic creatures", the Nomai drawings show this to be an ancestor of the Hearthians. Mining Site 2b is where the Nomai mined the ore to construct the impenetrable core of the Ash Twin Project, as it was the only metal strong enough to temporarily withstand the heat of a Supernova. It is accessible via an entrance located within the largest Geyser Mountain on Timber Hearth.

The Village[edit | edit source]

Ghost Matter Fence[edit | edit source]

The Ghost Matter Fence serves as the tutorial piece for how to spot Ghost Matter (through taking a picture with your little scout) and the dangers of Ghost Matter. It is one of the ways you can die before the time loop begins.

Launch Tower[edit | edit source]

The Launch Tower is a hollowed out tree, topped by the launch pad by your ship, it serves no purpose other than to be the starting point for your ship at the start of every loop. You require the Launch Codes to ascend the elevator to your ship.

Observatory[edit | edit source]

The Observatory (or the Museum) is where the Nomai Statue, Hal, and Hornfels are located. It is the first major location in the game, and is the catalyst to you starting your journey. Within the Museum you can find Nomai Writing, the first Nomai drawing of the Eye of the Universe, a model of the Little Scout, a small Anglerfish that usually inhabit Dark Bramble, a Quantum Shard (Museum Shard), a Nomai skeleton, a Gravity Crystal, a model of a Star's lifespan, and an Orrery at the top of the stairs, that allows you to view the in-game map. Here is where you find Hornfels and gain the launch code, and also where you are observed by the Nomai Statue for the first time and begin the time loop.

Zero-G Cave[edit | edit source]

The Zero-G Cave is a section of The Village where Gossan trains hearthians for extra-vehicular space flight. Within the Zero-G Cave, you will find a "Satellite" that Gossan has asked you to repair, this part of the village serves as a tutorial for repairing your ship if you are to damage it whilst in space.

Quantum Grove Crater[edit | edit source]

The Quantum Grove is an area on Timber Hearth that contains both a shard of the Quantum Moon (Grove Shard) and also a quantum poem made by Gabbro. This area is the easiest and closest quantum shard (bar the Museum Shard) to discover, unlocking the Quantum Frequency for your Signalscope. Whilst this Shard does not have any quantum rules that need learning, once it unlocks the frequency it makes it easier to discover the other Quantum shards across the solar system, so you can start your "Quantum Pilgrimage"

Youngbark Crater[edit | edit source]

Overlooking Youngbark Crater.
Tektite surveying the seed.

Initially, the player finds a note from Tektite stating that they saw smoke coming up from Youngbark Crater and is going to investigate. Also, they made it clear to not break the scout launcher, which is being used to keep a look out for fires[Source Needed 1].

Upon arriving at Youngbark Crater the player is greeted with a Dark Bramble Seed, which unbeknownst to the Hearthians is beginning to infect the planet.

Speaking with Tektite yields that the seed is clearly not from this planet and it is most likely from the Dark Bramble. More importantly they believe it needs to be destroyed as soon as possible. Tektite states that they want to drag the scout launcher over to the site and shoot a scout into it, before sicking Marl and Hal on it. Thankfully for the player, this seed leads directly to Feldspar's camp.

Outside of this information this area seems to only serve the purpose of:

  • Introducing the player to how space works in the Dark Bramble
  • Give the players a reason to go the Dark Bramble
  • A easy way to find Feldspar

References[edit | edit source]

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